Plant Ambient Plantation Complexa Muehlenbeckia Angel Vine

Complexa Muehlenbeckia Angel Vine

Angel vine is a sprawling evergreen shrub with long threaded stems, densely covered with small round leaves. Their growth habit makes them a versatile plant indoors. Place this overdue vine in a hanging basket to highlight your thick-leaved vines. Better yet, you can train its climbing threaded stems around a grid or topiary. Loosely attach it to a base with florist’s thread and Angel Vine will take any shape you want.

Will it bloom?

Yes, it blooms when there is enough sunlight. In the axils of the leaves grow tiny tufts of flowers. Don’t expect to see them on an indoor-grown plant. They are not visible anyway.

Cut it back. Mühlenbeckia complexa is growing rapidly and needs your help to shape or train it. Prune new stems regularly to promote branching and shape them as you grow. Pruning up to a third in the spring will keep the plant compact.

In the spring, repot every 2 years, move to a pot 1 Number larger or store in the same pot and simply put fresh potting soil. Use a pot with drainage holes to prevent the potting soil from getting wet.

Buy an angel vine plant

Mühlenbeckia complexa is becoming more and more popular as a houseplant, and it is easy to understand why. Angel Vine is easy to grow and inexpensive and a must for your indoor plant collection.

If you can’t find it at your local garden center, you can find it for sale online.

Mühlenbeckia Complexa Care Tips
Origin: New Zealand


Up to 20 cm (8 inches); can go up or extend about 60-91 cm (2-3 feet) if not cut

Light: partial sun to full direct sun. If your plant has few leaves, it needs brighter light. If you don’t have a sunny window, place the plant on a porch or patio for the summer. It is enough to take it home if the temperature drops in the fall. Or use a grow light.

Water: Water carefully when the potting soil is dry from 1 inch down. In winter, water less to allow the top 1/3 of the middle of the pot to dry before pouring it again. The moist soil causes the leaves to turn yellow.

Humidity: medium room (about 30-40% relative humidity)


Keep warm all year round (65-80°F/ 18-27°c). Avoid exposing the installation to extreme temperatures, including cold drafts from doors and windows or heat/air conditioning explosions.

Soil: use a high-quality universal potting soil. Commercial mixtures do not contain any soil, which makes them easy and quick to drain – just for this shrub.

Fertilizer: Mühlenbeckia complexa is not a heavy feeder. Fertilize once a month from spring to autumn with a balanced water-soluble fertilizer in half the recommended amount. Stop feeding in winter, when growth is slower.

Propagation: In the spring, take 3-4-inch cuttings with stem tips and root them in perlite or fresh potting soil. Use root hormone powder to ensure that the stems develop roots quickly.

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