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Katy Plant Care Flaming

Flaming Katy is one of the few succulents grown only for its flowers. Bright tufts of tiny red, orange, yellow, white, purple or pink flowers last for several weeks. The flowers can be single or double. The Kalanchoe plant has shiny green leaves with scalloped edges that can be colored red in direct sunlight. Although the thick leaves seem sturdy, they are actually quite brittle. Treat the flaming Katy carefully, as the ends of the leaves come off easily. When buying a Kalanchoe plant, choose one with bright, fresh leaves and many unopened buds – sure signs of a healthy plant.

Caring for Kalanchoe is easy-provided that you can give Kalanchoe blossfeldiana a lot of sun and the right amount of water. Resist the temptation to pour over Kalanchoe. Like other succulents, it stores water in its thick, fleshy leaves and can suffer from root rot when overwatered.

Care of the Kalanchoe plant-problems and solutions

Deadhead passed flowers. Most of the flowers you get if you die during the flowering period. Cut the flower stalks after the flowers have wilted to promote more flowers. Cut them at the base of the plant so that the plant looks optimal.

I wonder if I should repot…isn’t that right? It is not necessary. Never plant a plant while it is blooming, as this could weigh down the plant and lead to the fall of its flowers and flower buds. If you want to cover a simple kindergarten pot, just slide it into a pot – a decorative pot without drainage holes. It is a good idea to place small stones in the bottom of the pot to keep the inner pot above the drainage water.

Wilted Leaves?

You’ve been watering too much. If you water regularly and the leaves are soft and limp, the plant is most likely suffering from root rot. Take the plant out of the pot and take a look at its roots. Are they soft and mushy? If so, you can throw out the plant – it is unlikely that it will recover. If Flaming Katy fades for no apparent reason, she may be infested with root lice. (See “is something annoying your plant? “below).

Yellow and wrinkled leaves are caused by dry soil. Cut off all affected leaves. Water carefully to ensure that all the roots are moistened, then empty the drainage tray.

Is something annoying your plant?

Few parasites bother flamboyant Katy. Scale insects are the most common invaders. Pay attention to the white, blurred spots near the leaf axils and under the leaves. Root lice could be the cause of a withered plant. Take the plant out of the pot and examine the roots for these pests. Treat each infestation as soon as you see it to prevent pests from entering your other indoor plants. If it is heavily infested, remove it. It is easier to replace your plant. Although this small, compact houseplant is easy to grow, it can be difficult to make it bloom again.

How to make the Kalanchoe plant bloom again

  • Long sunny days, followed by shorter daylight hours, are necessary to put flower buds.
  • When you take the plant out for the summer, keep it in the shade. The morning sun is fine.
  • From the beginning of October, keep the plant in a dark room for 14 hours every night for 2 weeks and give it moderate light during the day.
  • Water it to a minimum and do not fertilize during this time. The shrunken yellow leaves are a sign that it is too dry.
  • Flower buds appear in about 6-8 weeks. Then you can proceed with normal care. The flowering may be irregular, but the foliage will always be attractive.

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